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PCB Train | PCB assembly UK

For over 60 years, we have specialised in the production of printed circuit boards. Equally competent in the fabrication and population of PCBs, we believe that our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly processes are without equal. Read on to discover what we offer in terms of PCB assembly for any and all electronic devices.

Our PCB assembly services

Every printed circuit board we assemble is put together promptly and competently using the highest quality equipment and best techniques. As specialists in our field, we have a firm understanding of surface mount technology and draw on this knowledge as part of our assembly service. Surface mount device (SMD) soldering will be carried out using either multi-zone convection reflow or vapour phase ovens as appropriate. Their placement will be achieved via high-specification multi-head SMD placement machines. We have ten Yamaha I-pulse placement machines, the largest installed base in Europe.

Elsewhere, our manufacturing facility provides a range of other services. These include prototype PCB assembly and the in-house manufacture of laser-cut solder paste masks. All quotes for the latter are inclusive of tooling charges. As the only PCB assembly service in the UK that has its own laser cutting machine, we guarantee high-quality assemblies.

PCB Assembly | Tech Specs

Quality Assured PCB Assembly

If you order through us, you may supply free issue kits, ask us to quote to source and supply component kits or use our BOM cost calculator to get an online quote. Our quotes are split into two parts: assembly costs and component costs (optional). We also supply a range of over 100 common resistors and capacitors free of charge. Click to see a full list of these electronic components.

At our UK base, we have the equipment and expertise to place all commonly available components, including demanding fine pitch BGAs and 01005 packages. Leaded (or through hole) soldering will be performed either by IPC qualified technicians or by automated selective soldering machines. On the rare occasions we do experience difficulty with a parts placement, we are fully equipped to professionally rework every type of component.

To ensure high standards for all PCB designs, we have many stringent quality control processes in place. This means that all solder joints will be inspected by optical comparison machine or 3D AOI (automated optical inspection). In-house X-ray inspection of any “under component” solder joints such as BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays) is offered as standard.

Enquire today

For state-of-the-art PCB assembly services at competitive prices, enquire below. Depending on your requirements, we can offer fast turnaround times of as little as three working days. Get your PCB quote today.

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Turnarounds from
3 working days


SMD 01005 &
Micro BGA


Solder Paste Stencil
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PCB Train supplied or
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PCB Assembly | Service features

  • Online quote, file upload and order
  • Optional online BOM costing
  • Turnaround times from 3 working days (for free issue parts)
  • No additional tooling charges
  • Solder paste stencil tooling included
  • Choice of PCB Train supplied or free issue PCBs (must have handling frames)
  • PCB Assembly Technical Information
  • Capability for SMD down to 01005 & micro-BGA's
  • Any parts assembled: SMD, BGA's, leaded, through-hole, etc
  • CNC de-panelling
  • In-house 3D AOI and high-power X-ray inspection
  • Selective soldering machines
  • Choice of free issue component kits or PCB Train supplied kits (by quote)
  • Option for lower unit cost production quantities and lead times


What is your lead time for PCB assembly?

Lead times for PCB assembly can be from just a few working days from receipt of a complete kit. The website will quote accordingly depending on the number of components to be placed. Assembly lead times are dependent on the availability of components. We cannot start assembly work until a component kit is 100% complete.

How does your PCB assembly process work?

The typical and simplified process flow of an assembly job is as follows:

  • Order parts, adjusting quantities for extras and spares
  • Check parts into kit, check for correctness and quantity
  • Check parts fit pads on the PCB
  • Create an SMD placement programme
  • Design and laser cut solder paste screen
  • Load components onto SMD placement machine according to the programme
  • Double check correctness of parts and the location of placement
  • Run SMD machine and build first article
  • Check and approve first article
  • Run SMD machine and build batch, including reflow solder
  • AOI batch
  • Hand place leaded parts
  • Run leaded parts through selective soldering machine
  • Inspection
  • Packing and shipment

What information do you require as part of your PCB assembly service?

We require a Bill of Materials (BOM) and PCB Gerber design files.

Do I need to supply my own components?

It is preferable for PCB Train to supply your BOM. We can use customer-supplied components (also known as free issue kits), and a mixture of both. Read about the pros and cons of supplying free issue kits here.

What are the advantages of using surface mount technology?

Surface mount components will be machine placed, and the cost per placement is a fraction of that for leaded parts that will be hand placed. Leaded parts should only be used where they are essential. Whilst SMD parts can be placed on both sides of a PCB, costs will be lower if they are all placed on one side.

Can your PCB assembly service be used independently of your PCB manufacturing service?

Yes, we are happy to populate PCBs supplied by customers. All PCBs supplied should have handling frames incorporated. This is a practical necessity for machine placement.

Why should I choose PCB Train for PCB assembly?

We offer instant online quoting with a wide variety of quantity and delivery options. There are no tooling charges. There is also no charge for the laser cut solder paste screens used in the assembly process. SMD parts will be machine placed. Leaded parts will be selectively soldered by machine. All assemblies will be subject to AOI by a 3D inspection machine. Assemblies will be reflowed either by a conveyorised convection oven or by a vapour phase reflow oven, according to technical requirements.