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Due to the complex technical challenges of different orders, most PCB manufacturers only allow one PCB design to be processed per production sheet. Our production process is a little different. Due to a half-century of industry experience, we have mastered the techniques of manufacturing different PCB designs on the same production sheet in order to lower production costs significantly. Use our online PCB quote service  to find out how much you could save on your order.

First choice for PCB manufacturing

PCB Train’s unique methods of production are extremely efficient and can get your PCB board to you when you need it most. Our PCB fabrication process allows for the creation of PCBs with up to 12 layers. These are available in a range of solder masking options, as well as various materials and colours.

Follow the links for useful tips on  PCB design for manufacture and more information about PCB assembly.

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PCB Train express,
24 hours


1 to 12 layers PCBs


Gold or silver


100% electrically


Choice of materials
FR4, Polyimide, AlClad


Choice of thickness,
legend & resist colours

PCB fabrication | Trusted UK PCB manufacturer

  • Online quote, file upload and order
  • PCBs from 1 to 12 layers
  • Gold or silver finishes
  • Choice of solder resist (solder mask) colours
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • PCB Train express low-cost bench-top PCB prototyping service, with lead times of 24 hours (*with restricted technical specifications)
  • Competitive prices
  • Choice of materials (FR4, Polyimide, Alclad)
  • Choice of finished board thicknesses
  • Choice of legend colours
  • 100% electrically tested
  • Reliable deliveries


What is PCB manufacturing?

In PCB manufacturing, copper-clad fibreglass laminate is etched with a circuit pattern and connections are made on both sides of the laminate by way of copper plated holes. A solder resist coating is applied to encapsulate all the tracks, except where electrical solder joints are required. A solderable oxidation-resistant metal finish is applied over the remaining exposed copper. A component identification or legend layer is then printed.

What equipment is used in your PCB manufacturing process?

At PCB Train, our manufacturing process requires drilling machines, plating equipment, etching machines, hydraulic pressing machines, photo-mech imaging machines, silk screen printing equipment, digital ink-jet legend printing machines, electrical test machines, laboratory analytical machines, waste treatment plant, and x-ray machines.

How does the PCB fabrication process differ for multilayer PCBs?

Multilayer PCBs are manufactured by bonding multiple layers of double-sided PCBs together with inter-leaved insulating fibreglass laminate. The resulting “stack” is processed in the same way as a double-sided circuit to create printed and etched outer layers and copper plated through hole connections. Solder resist and legends are also applied.

Do you test bare PCBs before dispatch?

All PCBs we manufacture are 100% electrically tested before despatch.

What is your lead time for PCB fabrication?

Lead times vary according to the quantity and complexity of the PCBs and all options are provided for your selection online. The fastest lead time is our same-day manufacturing service, known as PCB Train Express. Typical standard lead times are 10 to 15 working days. Accelerated lead times are available at an increased cost.

Why should I choose PCB Train to manufacture my printed circuit boards?

PCB Train provides an online quote and order facility. Orders can be placed at any time of day on a delivery schedule to suit the client’s needs. 95% of commonly used materials and PCB specifications are configurable on the PCB Train website. There are also no tooling charges.